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Safe & Reliable

• High-end technology and good quality ensures system security and availability

• Multi- design in device, component and system

• High reliability design according to IT infrastructure environment and facilities

• Advanced and practical technology, equipment and environment-friendly materials to ensure safety and comfort

• Digital and intelligent network enhances the safe and reliable operation and maintenance

Green & High Efficiency

Micro power distribution system, micro modular cooling system and micro module rack system can make 20% to 30% energy-saving. Through the CFD room assessment of thermal simulation and optimization of indoor airflow, the modular data center improves the ROI (return on investment).

Modular Solution

• Modular unit makes modular solution simple and integrated.

• All-in-one: UPS + Air conditioner + Power Distribution + Monitoring + Battery, etc.

• Easy Installation: Building your blocks according to customers’ demand.

• Fast Deployment

• Intelligent monitoring system management

• Shorten the line transmission distance.

Cloud Management

Real-time online monitoring and alarm system to motivation, environment, security, fire control system etc.

• Unattended, rapid fault location and problem quick handling by multiple sites remote monitor management - 7 days x 24hours

• Mutiple management functions - Settings, Alarm, Security, Energy efficiency, Record & Report management

Reduce Cost

• Redundant power board design redundant fan design, independent fuse protect every fan

Fast Deployment

The client only needs building blocks according to the customer's IT requirements and architectural space. The future power expansion can be continued without interference. The goal is to optimize the delivery time, the maximum construction period can be saved more than 50%.

Transient Response and Voltage Regulation

Standard modular data center, the end-to-end service, your clients and you will be happy to know:

• Saving considerable design fee

• Shortening your capital takes up cycle

• Improving operational efficiency

• Reducing operation cost

• Shortening payback period

• Optimizing your customer funds utilization

Outstanding Technology

• High procedures, high specifications, high standard requirement

• The system power expansion is supported with sufficient bearing capacity

• High reliable standard server rack, installing each equipment according to the cold aisle and hot aisle

• Flexible air exhausting according to different airflow and data center ratings

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