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Semi Trailer Axle

9 Tons Brake Disc, 12 Tons Brake Disc,10 Bolt Bogie Axle
10 Bolt Double Bogie Axle,10 Bolt Trailer Axle, 20 Rim Double Bogie Spoke Axle, 20 Rim Spoke Axle, 20 Rim Spoke bogie Axle
24 Rim Double bogie Axle, 24 Rim Spoke Axle,Jumbo Axle, Lowbed Axle Light Type, Pilot Axle, Self Steering Axle

Suspension Parts


Z Spring, 12 Layer Spring, 14 Layer Spring
SACHS Shock Absorbers, MAYSAN Shock Absorbers
SABO Shock Absorbers,
Air Spring 9813 K, 3881 K, 32725 K, D16 K
Air Spring 34881 K, 34156 K, 34159 K,
Air Spring 3941 K, 3813 K, 3813 C
Plastic piston, Axle Lifting Bellow, Shock absorber, Suspension Connections

Brake Parts

Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Brake Chamber, Emergency Brake Chamber, Brake Caliper, Automatic Slack Adjuster, Manuel Slack Adjuster, Brake Shoes, WABCO Brake Parts, Knorr Brake Parts, Haldex Brake Parts

Parking Legs

JOST Parking Legs, OMS Parking Legs, Teknikel Parking Legs

Axle Parts

Bogie Parts, Brake Drum, Brake Disc, Wheel Hub, Wheel Bolts
Wheel Nuts, Lowbed Bushing, Pin Set, U-bolt, Trailer Axle Cap

Equipment and Accessories


Electric LightsStop LightsContainer Lock, Fifth Wheel, Air Tank
Oil Tank, Wheel Wedge, Trailer Rims,Trailer Mudguard
Trailer Fender, Wheel Hub Cap, Tool Box, Fire Box,Traffic Signs

King Pin

2′ JOST King Pin, 3,5′ JOST King Pin
2′ OMS King Pin, 3,5′ OMS King Pin

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