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The low backlash PSC planetary servo gear units are designed for the 30 to 350 Nm (265 to 3100 lb-in) torque classes. They were designed to combine the greatest possible flexibility and cost-efficiency because not every application requires high-performance components.

They provide a basis for diverse, dynamic and cost-optimized drive solutions.

The PSC planetary servo gear units are available in the following versions:

  • PSC = B5 output, smooth output shaft

  • PSKC = B5 output, with keyway

  • PSCZ = B14, output, smooth output shaft

  • PSKCZ = B14 output, with keyway


The low backlash PSF planetary servo gear units are designed for the 25 to 3000 Nm (220 to 26500 lb-in) torque classes. The permitted acceleration torques are significantly higher than these values.

Three output versions are available:

  • PSF: Solid shaft

  • PSKF: Solid shaft with key

  • PSBF: Flange block shaft in accordance with EN ISO 9409

BSF series

The low backlash BSF helical-bevel servo gear units are designed for the 40 to 1500 Nm (350 to 13200 lb-in) torque classes. The permitted acceleration torques are significantly higher than these values.

These right-angle servo gear units are available in five output versions:

  • BSF: Solid shaft

  • BSKF: Solid shaft with key

  • BSBF: Flange block shaft (EN-ISO 9409)

  • BSHF: Hollow shaft with shrink disc

  • BSAF: Hollow shaft with keyway (Shaft mounted gear unit)

All versions are equipped with a B5 mounting flange and optional foot mounting and torque arm. Because of this, these drive units can be optimally integrated into existing applications. The combination of a helical input stage and a hypoid output stage results in ratio ranges which can be covered by the single-stage bevel (wheel) and hypoid gear unit or by the single-stage helical-worm gear unit with high transmission quality. The circumferential backlash remains constantly low throughout the gear unit’s service life.

Helical-bevel servo gearmotors

Helical-bevel gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE provide a high degree of efficiency of over 95% in both torque directions and at all input speeds – performance designed to last. High-endurance gearing enables high-torque, wear-free operation long into the future. The remarkably high efficiency of our helical-bevel gearmotors makes them energy-savers. As they also have a long maintenance-free service life, they can be used in every application with AC asynchronous motors and synchronous servomotors.

Parallel shaft helical servo gearmotors

A standard drive that is not only favored because of its performance, but also for its structural properties. Typically found in conveyor and materials processing applications, the parallel shaft helical gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE can always be relied on to perform diverse drive tasks.

SPIROPLAN® servo gearmotors

SPIROPLAN® servo gearmotors with directly installed CMP synchronous servomotors are extremely efficient, quiet and, with a wide variety of different designs, offer the customer the greatest possible flexibility. The W37/W47 Spiroplan right-angle gear units enable high speeds at even the smallest reduction ratios and the wear-free gearing minimizes losses due to friction and optimizes the mechanical efficiency. Thanks to the gearing, maximum performance is easily achieved. In addition, the low initial and life cycle costs make these drives ideal for simple positioning and conveyor applications.1

Gear unit versions

  • Foot-mounted / Flange-mounted / B5 flange

  • B14 flange / Solid shaft / Hollow shaft

  • Servomotor direct mounting /With adapter

CMP series

Precision, high dynamics and powerful performance in a particularly compact design – these are the defining characteristics of the CMP servomotors. Thanks to their optimized length, these motors can be used in even the smallest of spaces. The new and highly dynamic servomotors round off the CMP servomotors offered by SEW-EURODRIVE in the lower torque range: Static torques from 0.5 Nm to 47 Nm are available with 6 CMP motor sizes and a total of 26 motor levels. The latest in winding and magnet technology gives the CMP servomotors a low mass moment of inertia despite their optimized power performance. The result is a motor system with the highest possible dynamic characteristics.

DS/CM series

SEW synchronous servomotors are ideal for highly dynamic applications. With three sizes and three lengths for each, the new CM motor series covers a torque range from 5 to 70 Nm (40 to 620 lb-in) static torque. This motor is equipped with high-energy NdFeB magnets and thus offers an extremely high overload support of 400% standstill current as a standard. The CM servomotor owes its compact design with very high power density to the new magnetic circuit layout.

Master modules are the “brain” of any axis system. Depending on the variant, the entire axis system is addressed by a non-SEW controller or by a MOVI-PLC® controller from SEW-EURODRIVE.

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