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MOVITOOLS®® MotionStudio


The more functions drive engineering offers, the more important it is to have an effective tool for operating drives and visualizing processes. The MOVITOOLS®® MotionStudio engineering tool from SEW‑EURODRIVE offers you such a tool. With MOVITOOLS®® MotionStudio, you can parameterize, program, and diagnose most of the inverter series from SEW‑EURODRIVE.

IPOS® Positioning and sequence control


The basic functions and options of IPOSplus® units ensure that the inverter is no longer only an open-loop speed controller.

In fact, the positioning and sequence control system integrated in MOVIDRIVE® can often take a great deal of load off the master PLC, or maybe even replace it.

Reducing the central control offers SEW customers significant potential savings in terms of hardware and the complexity of electrical installation.

The programming work is divided between the PLC and inverter control. However, users must familiarize themselves with the system. This includes getting to know IPOSplus® if you want to make effective use of what it has to offer.

DOP series


DOP operator panel functionality ranges from a 2 x 20 character text display to a 1,024 x 768 pixel touchscreen (in preparation).

Further, a hand-held unit is in the program which has additional safety functions such as the “Emergency stop” and “Confirm” buttons. These allow for safe and convenient operation, even on the machine itself.

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