MTX 1052C


SCOPEin@BOX, FFT and harmonic analysers, 50k recorder, 2 x 200 MHz channels, high-performance, versatile and ergonomic, USB/Ethernet or WIFI communication, PC or ANDROID tablet.

MTX 2022


Scopein@box, FFT and harmonic analysers, 50k recorder, 2 x 200 MHz channels, accompanied by a bus decoding probe, communication USB/Ethernet or WIFI communication, PC or ANDROID tablet.



The LX1600-PC  is a 16-channel logic analysis probe on PC for decoding a large number of data buses: UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, Modbus, etc.

MTX 1052B


SCOPEin@BOX, FFT and harmonic analysers, 50k recorder, 2 x 150 MHz channels, high-performance, versatile and ergonomic, USB/Ethernet or WIFI communication, PC or ANDROID tablet.

OX 803B


2-channel 40 MHz analogue oscilloscope

DOX 2025


Benchtop digital oscilloscope, 2 x 25 MHz channels

DOX 3304


Benchtop digital oscilloscope, serial bus decoder and arbitrary signal generator, 4 x 300 MHz channels, 8’’ display with Sensitive Phosphor Oscilloscope technology, 28-Mpoint memory depth for...

OX 6062B SD


2 x 60 MHz benchtop oscilloscope with colour touch screen, 2 TRMS 200 kHz multimeters with Recorder, Ethernet with integrated web server, USB/RS232.



Digital analyser-oscilloscope with 4 isolated channels - 200 MHz2.5 GS/s sampling rate in one-shot mode and 100 GS/s in repetitive modeResolution: 12 bits "Real-time" FFT analysisHarmonic analysers...

CX 1651


Multi-function laboratory calibrator

MX 435D


Multi-function installation tester - All the measurements imposed by NF C 15-100

TX 01


Voltage and continuity tester with LEDs

VX 0003


Instantaneous tester/meter for measuring the level of low-frequency electric fields to check exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

VX 0100


Tester/meter for measuring the level of low-frequency electric fields, equipped with an external antenna. Simple, economical, compact and IP65, with a backlit 2,000-count LCD screen.

MX 407


1,000 V insulation tester - multimeter

MX 604


Lightning arrester tester - Analogue insulation tester

MX 406B


500 V analogue insulation tester

AX 501


Simple laboratory power supply, 30 V / 2.5 A, rugged, lightweight and economical

MX 5006


6,000-count TRMS benchtop multimeter for a wide range of applications in electronics and electrical engineering (1,000 V Cat. III).

GX 305


5 MHz function generator, ideal for education, technical training and R&D, control and production technicians.

GX 1025


25 MHz communicating arbitrary signal generator for laboratory, R&D, test and production applications and for technical and higher education.

AX 503


Triple laboratory power supply: 2 x 30 V / 2.5 A + 2.7 - 5.5 V / 5 A, rugged, lightweight and economical

AX 1360


30 V/5 A triple programmable controlled power supply ideal for use in R&D or test laboratories, electrical or electronic product manufacturing and education

HX0082 - HX0083


HX0082 kit of 2 H-field probes (proximity and contact) for MTX1050 spectrum analyser and HX0083 20dB preamplification kit for these probes.

MX 350

Compact 400 A AC multimeter clamp

MX 675


Two-display TRMS AC/DC multimeter clamp



The MTX 200 Series multimeters which are simple to use for day-to-day work but also offer all the crucial functions of a multimeter: current, voltage and resistance measurements.

MTX 3292


Graphical colour recorder-multimeter: 100 kpts, 100 kHz, IP67, USB communication and Bluetooth available as an option (BT version)

MX 24


5,000/50,000-ct TRMS digital multimeter, bargraph , backlighting, basic accuracy 0.3%, VLowZ, current measured directly up to 50 mA or via clamp (ADP function), capacitance meter, frequency meter.



ATEX multimeter for explosive environments, compliant with EEx ib group I and EEx ib group IIc T5 or T4 or T3 and Ex ib D 21 T, Bandwidth 50 kHz, Peak 1 ms, Min/Max/Avg, Frequency, Capacitance and...

MX 1


Rugged, compact dial multimeter, IP65

TCX 01


Automatic recognition of SMDs

OX 7202


Portable electronic oscilloscope, 2 x 200 MHz channels, 2.5 GS/s one-shot and 100 GS/s ETS, 50k memory depth/channel, up to 2 GB on removable SD card, Ethernet, RS232/USB

PX 120


Single and three-phase TRMS digital wattmeter

OX 71


Analogue training oscilloscope, 1 channel, 10 MHz, banana plugs, Class 2, 5-language tutorial on CD-ROM

MX 98


Analogue cos-phi meter

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