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RM series

RM gearmotors with extended output bearing hub are a special type of helical gearmotor. They were designed especially for agitating applications and allow for high overhung and axial loads and bending moments.

F series (two-stage and three-stage)

Our extra-slim parallel shaft helical gearmotors are the perfect solution when space is limited. The many different sizes and designs ensure that the gearmotors can be used in a wide variety of applications even under the most unfavorable conditions. SEW-EURODRIVE parallel shaft helical gearmotors are typically used in conveyor and materials processing applications. You can choose from foot-mounted, flange-mounted or shaft-mounted options. Reduced backlash parallel shaft helical gear units are also available on request for precise positioning tasks.

W series


SPIROPLAN® gearmotors are robust right-angle gearmotors with SPIROPLAN® gearing. They have three main differences from the helical-worm gear units: the material combination of the steel-on-steel gearing, the special tooth meshing relationships and the aluminum housing. These features make SPIROPLAN® gearmotors very quiet, wear-free and lightweight. The particularly short design and the aluminum housing make for very compact and lightweight drive solutions. The wear-free gearing and the life-long lubrication facilitate long periods of maintenance-free operation. As the oil fill is independent of the mounting position, SPIROPLAN® gearmotors can be installed in any mounting position without altering the quantity of oil. Identical hole spacing in the foot and face as well as the equal shaft height to both provides you with diverse mounting options.

Stainless Steel Gear Units


Stainless steel gear units from SEW‑EURODRIVE keep things moving wherever machines and systems are subject to particularly intensive cleaning. Regardless of whether the gear units are used for materials handling, intralogistics or hygienic applications, their hygienic properties, long operating life and maintenance friendliness make them optimally suited to the specific production conditions in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in permanently wet environments.



Optional for parallel shaft helical, helical-bevel and helical-worm gear units. The TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system is used for achieving a keyless connection between the customer’s shaft and the hollow shaft in the gear unit. As a result, the TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system is an alternative to the existing hollow shafts with either shrink disk, key, or splines. The TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system saves costs, as well as provides the advantages of easy installation and removal..

Extended Food Industry Warranty


Because machinery in the food industry must endure particularly harsh environments, SEW-Eurodrive has engineered a drive system built specifically to meet those challenges. Our Food Industry Specialist worked with customers to identify specific system requirements and enhancements necessary for the rigorous demands of the food industry, including damp conditions and chemical wash downs. The result is a customized drive system with specialized components to meet the needs of the food industry.

Simple and economical


The SEW-Eurodrive screw conveyor drive is suitable for a large variety of applications requiring movement of bulk material both vertically and horizontally. Our screw conveyor drives differentiate themselves in the marketplace by shipping in a gearmotor configuration, or as a gear unit with c-face motor adapter, both of which relieve the customer of maintenance costs and efficiency losses inherent with belts. Competitive methods often require a motor mount, motor, belt and belt guard that are not assembled prior to shipment.

DRN.. series


The DRN.. motor in the modular DR.. series motor system is a motor that meets premium efficiency requirements. The motors are marked with IE3 according to IEC60034-30-1.

DAS Series


DAS series aseptic gearmotors for drive solutions with smooth surfaces and without fans:

  • Motors in degree of protection IP66 (brakemotors IP65)

  • Motor corrosion protection: KS internal coating

  • Surface protection OS1 to OS4

  • Motor protection thermistor in thermal class F, TH optional (thermocontact)

  • IS plug connector



The range of functions provided by MOVITRAC® LTE B is particularly well adapted to simple applications. Its user-friendly design makes integration quick and easy. At the same time, it also meets the high quality requirements of SEW-EURODRIVE as a matter of course.

The MOVITRAC® LTE B is available in three sizes for power ranges from 0.5 to 15.0 HP and supply voltages of 115 V, 230 V and 400 V.

In addition to the standard version in degree of protection IP20 for installation in the control cabinet, there is also a version in degree of protection IP55 / NEMA 12 and IP66 / NEMA 4X, to be used under specific environmental conditions. In this way, these frequency inverters can do their job reliably and flexibly even when exposed to dust or water.



Your advantages:

  • High-quality system components

  • High power range across all supply voltage ranges

  • High EMC protection

  • Simple operation and startup

  • Excellent price/performance ratio



High-performance drive inverter for dynamic drives in power range 0.55 to 160 kW (0.75 to 215 hp). Great diversity of applications due to extensive expansion options with technology and communication options. 3-phase mains connection for AC 230 V and 460 V.

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