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PL511-Type 3480 Enclosure


Type: PL511-3480

Certification: ATEX/IECEx - Exe IIIC T6 -50°C +55°C IP66

Terminals: 6 x UT2.5 Grey, 1 x UT2.5-PE

Entries: 4 x M20

Earth Continuity Plate: Zintec

Part Number: WE084T195CAXXX3480

Supplied with: 1 x M20 B, 2 x M20 C, 1 x M20 D

Glass Reinforced Plastic. Natural Black Finish.

PL612 Standard Enclosure


Glass Reinforced Polyester. Natural Black Finish.

Standard PL612 Enclosures are supplied complete with: Steel Earth Continuity Plate. 1 x M20 offset tapped entry per face (entries not plugged).

PL626 /615 /620 /626 /630 /642 /644 /712 /722 Enclosures


Glass Reinforced Polyester. Natural Black Finish.

PL513 /520 Enclosure


Glass Reinforced Plastic. Natural Black Finish.


S-SERIES SIZES 1/ 2/ 2L/ 3/ 4/ 4L/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9


316 L Stainless Steel.


EJB 1/ 2 Series Enclosures


316 L Stainless Steel.

SK-Series K-Mass® Fire Protection

EJB 1/ 2 Series Enclosures


Hawke SK Range of Stainless Enclosures come with K-Mass® fire protection as standard, designed for safety systems such as fire protection and critical control systems. K-Mass® is a passive fire protection solution which is moulded to the Hawke Enclosure protecting the terminals inside from the extreme temperatures of hydrocarbon based fires for up to 30 minutes. K-Mass® is fire tested to UL 1709 in a hydrocarbon fire for a minimum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 1093°C/2000°F. Hawke Enclosures and K-Mass® coatings have been supplied and specified by the worlds major petrochemical companies for safety related products for over 30 years.

Robust 316 Stainless Steel construction with 3mm thick gland plates.

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