Internal/External Earth Stud
  1. Increased Safety M6 or M8 Stainless Steel stud.

  2. Ingress Protection for PL Series Enclosures: IP66 and IP67 to IEC/EN 60529.

  3. Deluge protection to DTS01.

389 Breather Drain and Locknut

M20 and M25 with 1.5mm pitch as standard.
Longer thread lengths are available on request.

489 Breather Drain


The Breather Drain may only be fitted to the underside of Exd enclosures with internal volumes of 2.5 litres or less.
Nitrile O Ring supplied as standard, Silicone option available.
M20 and M25 with 1.5mm pitch as standard.
Other thread options available on request, including BSPP, PG, NPT, ET and NPSM.

Terminal Block Type HTB6
  1. Increased Safety  II 2 GD

  2. Certificate No's
    Baseefa08ATEX0266U and IECEx BAS 08.0085U.

  3. Construction and Test Standards:
    IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7.

Pillar Earth Terminal Type PET5
  1. Increased Safety  II 2 GD

  2. Certificate No's
    Baseefa09ATEX0035U and IECEx BAS 09.0010U.

  3. Construction and Test Standards:
    IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7.

Back Plate / Mounting Plate
  1. The GRP enclosures, manufactured by Hawke International, are the ultimate in robust GRP construction - well above the levels required for certification. Certain GRP enclosures are designed to withstand impact resistance up to 20Nm with the requirement for Exe enclosures at just 7Nm.

  2. The GRP range, combined with the new Hawke mounting plate, offers the installer even greater ease of fitting. The external mounting feet of the range eliminates the need to remove the lid when mounting the enclosure on the Hawke mounting plate, preventing any foreign materials entering the enclosure during installation and eliminating the need for hot work permits.

  3. Hawke mounting plates are available to mount any of the PL6 or PL7 series range of enclosures and can be used on walls, pipes as well as unistrut. They are stainless steel in construction and have multiple mounting holes allowing greater on-site flexibility. The mounting plates also allow for the fitting of customer labels.

Drop-In Plate

  1. The stainless steel enclosures, sizes 1 through 9, are available with an optional "drop-in" mounting plate, facilitating the installation and termination of cabling and associated termination equipment.

  2. The plates, constructed from galvanised steel as standard, will allow the easy mounting of various equipment sizes and types. All complex termination, wiring and mounting procedures can then take place outside of the confines of the enclosure.

  3. For sizes S1, the plate is fitted with two fixing positions, all other sizes have four fixing positions.

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