MOVIMOT® gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter


MOVIMOT®, the gearmotor with an integrated frequency inverter, is a tried-and-tested combination of gearmotor and digital frequency inverter in the 0.5 to 5.4 HP power range. Despite the integrated frequency inverter, MOVIMOT® requires only slightly more installation space than standard gearmotors and can, of course, be supplied in all standard versions and mounting positions, with and without a brake, for supply voltages of 380 to 500 V and 200 to 240 V. The gearmotors have IP54 enclosure as standard, but the MOVIMOT® gearmotor is also available with IP55, IP65 and IP66 enclosures on request. This gearmotor is a heavy-duty and compact version for a number of decentralized drive solutions. SEW-EURODRIVE offers a SafetyDrive package for this application to fit plants in compliance with safety category 3 of EN 954-1.

Gearmotor MOVI-SWITCH®® with integrated switching and protection function


MOVI-SWITCH®® is a particularly efficient solution for decentralization with power performance up to 3 kW. The switching and protection functions integrated into the motor terminal box mean that this compact and sturdy gearmotor does not require any additional cables. MOVI-SWITCH®® does not require any additional control cabinet space. Control for one or two rotation directions, thermal motor protection and an optional AS-interface are all integrated in this compact motor. All AC motors and brakemotors can be combined in the MOVI-SWITCH®®program with all matching gear units from the SEW‑EURODRIVE modular system.



MOVIGEAR® is an intelligent device with its own control concept. Its high-quality ­networking features help reduce the startup time and support the monitoring and maintenance tasks. Drive tasks can be solved quickly and easily using the ­corresponding application software.



Also the decentralized drive controller MOVIFIT®® fulfills the three most important criteria for decentralized drive systems: It is modular, flexible and economical. Various unit designs are available, which combine the well-known benefits of SEW‑EURODRIVE decentralized installation technology with modern, application-oriented drive and communication functions.

Innovative connection technology ensures quick installation and startup, whilst offering easy diagnostics and maintenance, for example when the electronics are replaced. MOVIFIT®® has versatile functions and also supports new strategies for optimized system topologies.

Industry-specific versions are available as standard, such as MOVIFIT®® in HygienicPlusdesign for use in extreme ambient conditions, for example in wet conditions in the beverage industry.



Wherever a conveyor system is implemented, a custom-designed drive concept is required; this must correspond to the necessary load-bearing capacity, the desired transport speed, the existing space restrictions and the specific ambient conditions of the application.



MOVITRANS® is the perfect supply system for all mobile applications and has been tested according to BGV B11. MOVITRANS® is perfect if your equipment has to cover long distances at high speeds, for example, or if maintenance-free operation is required. It is also suited for applications in sensitive environments where outside contaminants are not permitted, and in wet and damp environments.

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