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The Power range of connectors have been designed specifically for the extremely demanding requirements of higher power applications.

Inserts are available with 1 to 4 contacts with a conductor acceptance range of between 50mm2 and 630mm2 operating up to 780A and 750V as standard. Other voltages available on special request.


This revolutionary design allows the live mate and de-mating of signal and low power in hazardous areas safely and quickly. The Instrum connector is available in two sizes:

The 4-way and the 9-way options will accept cores ranging between 0.5mm² and 2.5mm² and can operate up to a maximum current of 10A (AC1) at 250V AC and 2.5A (DC1) 60V DC.

The 8-way option, designed predominantly for Ethernet applications, will accept cores ranging between 0.14mm² and 0.37mm² and can carry 1A (AC1) at 60V AC and 0.5A (DC1) 60V DC.

Instrum connectors include an integral Hawke cable gland for easy termination of both armoured and un-armoured cables.


The 4th generation of Control connectors include many features and refinements as a result of consumer feedback, which makes them particularly suitable for control and low/medium power applications. The robust stainless steel body can hold up to 60 contacts and will accept conductor sizes ranging between 0.5mm² and 35mm², operating up to 125A and 750V.

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