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C.A 803


2-input thermometric adapter

C.A 1871


Infrared probe for no-contact temperature measurement

C.A 6681


Locate hidden circuits

C.A 1621


Temperature calibrator for thermocouples (J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N)

C.A 1623


Temperature calibration of Pt10, Pt50, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Pt1000 (JIS) resistive probes



Clamp for direct and alternating currents from a few mA up to 80 A



For measuring alternating currents



A compact, ergonomic clamp for measuring alternating currents



The small, compact MINI 03 current clamp is an ideal complement for any multimeter.



Oscilloscope clamp for measuring alternating currents



Oscilloscope clamp for measuring direct and alternating currents

PAC 20


A clamp for direct and alternating currents up to 1,400 A



Clamps for AC leakage current from 500 µA to 400 A

A100 AmpFlex®


Flexible sensors for AC current measurements from 0.5 A to 10 kA



A clamp for mA measurements

C.A 6421


Analogue earth tester

C.A 6471


Resistance, earth coupling, continuity, resistivity and selective earth measurements

C.A 6416


Loop resistance and inductance measurements, leakage current measurements  – clamping diameter 35 mm - programmable alarms - display of earth voltage – storage of measurements

C.A 6423


Digital earth tester

C.A 6030


RCD and earth loop tester

C.A 6116N


Multi-function installation tester with data storage

C.A 6608


Phase rotation tester

C.A 6609


Phase rotation and motor rotation direction tester

C.A 751


2P+E socket test adapter

C.A 771


CAT IV 1000 V IP65 Type S Voltage Absence Tester (VAT)

C.A 742


Low-voltage two-pole voltage absence testers

C.A 773


CAT IV 1000 V IP65 two-pole Voltage Absence Tester (VAT)

C.A 732


No-contact AC voltage detection

C.A 745


Voltage and continuity tester with LEDs

C.A 41


HF field meter with isotropic electrical-field probe - 100 kHz to 2.5 GHz

C.A 40


LF teslameter / gaussmeter - Magnetic field measurement from 30 to 300 Hz

C.A 6545


10 TΩ insulation tester at 5,000 V

C.A 6526


1 kV Insulation and Continuity Tester

C.A 6503


250/500/1,000 V hand-cranked analogue insulation tester



500 V and 1,000 V analogue installation tester



Logger with 1 voltage channel and 1 current channel

C.A 1510


Logger with digital display (CO2, Temperature, Humidity) for measuring Indoor Air Quality.



Three-phase power logger with display



Power & Energy Logger



2-channel current logger with flexible sensors



4-channel current logger



2-channel data logger



Multi-channel event logger

C.A 6155


Measurements in compliance with the applicable standards: IEC 60204 Ed.5 / VDE 701/702 / IEC 61439

C.A 6630


Compact instrument ideal for preventive maintenance - Battery tests: Nickel/Cadmium, Lithium-ion , Nickel/metal hybrid, Lead/Acid batteries

C.A 6121


Industrial machine tester

C.A 6240


10 A micro-ohmmeter - Wide measurement range from 5 μΩ to 400 Ω

Accessories for micro-ohmmeters


Double test probes and Kelvin clamps for measurements with micro-ohmmeters.



600 A TRMS AC multimeter clamp

C.A 5011


TRMS analogue/digital multimeter

C.A 702


Pocket digital multimeter - 600 V CAT IV / 1,000 V CAT III

C.A 1950 DiaCAm 2


Ergonomic and simple to use, the C.A 1950 thermal camera offers excellent grip. It is equipped with a wide 2.8-inch screen, a 20°x20° field of view and focus-free operation, as well as allowing...

C.A 1886 RayCAm


Thermographic camera with 160 x 120 matrix and 600 °C dynamic range for measurement - ideal for industrial maintenance.

C.A 1864


No-contact thermometer for measurements from - 50 °C to + 1,000 °C 30/1 distance/spot ratio

C.A 861


Thermometer with one K-thermocouple input

C.A 1244


Dual-display thermo-hygrometer with remote probe

C.A 832


Digital sound level meter

C.A 822


Rotating-vane thermo-anemometer

C.A 834


Recording sound level meter

C.A 852


140-mbar digital manometer

C.A 1727


Specially designed for industrial applications, the C.A 1727 tachometer measures the rotation speed of any moving part, remotely or by contact.

PX 120


Single and three-phase TRMS digital wattmeter

Power & Harmonics demonst. case


Power and Harmonics training case

C.A 402


AC/DC dial voltmeter, 100 mV to 1,000 V ranges, 1.5%, 400 Hz

MX 98


Analogue cos-phi meter

C.A 7028


LAN wiring tester - Mapping, detection, location and identification of faults

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