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HB Type Transformer Breather


The HB desiccant breather is ideal for a large range of transformer sizes. The charge is constructed from high strength polycarbonate with the additional protection of a polythene coated metal screen, it's identical die cast end plates are sealed in position to form a very strong unit.

Sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 tapped to accept ¾ B.S.P.P.

Sizes 5 and above supplied with standard hole positions to accept a flanged fixing to BS10 table D (1" pipe).

HBP Type Transformer Breathe


The HBP desiccant breather has been specially designed to provide an economical protection device for smaller transformers having a low oil content. The breather body and oil seal cup are moulded in high strength polycarbonate, which offers mechanical strength and weather resistance, the transparent material also allows all round visability of the desiccant at a distance.

The design of the HBP desiccant breather allows the capacity to be increased for use on larger transformers. This is known as the HBP/2. Hawke desiccant breather types HBP and HBP/2 are refillable.

Multiple Breather Units Types:
HB55, HB66, HB77 & HB777


The design of the Hawke desiccant breather in its single unit form (i.e. HB2) has been limited to weights and dimensions which enable easy handling during initial installation and subsequent charge replacement. However, parallel arrangements are available for those situations where the oil volume of the transformer requires larger volumes of desiccant gel. Please see table below for more information.

Where breather charges are operated in parallel, it is essential that only one oil valve is used, this maintains a balanced air flow through each branch of the multiple arrangement. The pipe work for the connection of two and three breathers in parallel are standard fittings.

Transformer Breather Dryer Unit


We have designed a highly efficient, specialist drying unit that can be used on all HB products. This portable unit will dry out and recharge saturated charges. This exercise can be carried out 3 times, prolonging the working life of each charge.

The unit comprises of :-

  1. A (240 volt or 110 volt) blower motor complete with thermal protection.

  2. ½ Kw Heater element.

  3. Pressure release valve and air filter.

  4. Stainless Steel two way connecting pipe work and manifold with adaptors accepting up to two breather charges.

  5. Substantial Mild Steel black enamel coated framework.

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